At Darrel R. Rustigian, Attorney-at-Law, our objectives are simple:

- To provide the best service in our efforts to represent your personal injury claim.
- To provide the honesty, integrity, and legal experience that you deserve when filing your personal injury claim.
- Free consultations to our customers: you do not pay any fees unless there is recovery to you.
- Convenience: There are a number of problems that may arise that can make your personal injury claim troublesome and time-consuming. Our experience in dealing with these details will save you time and frustration.

Our clients are shining examples of our succeeding in these objectives:

  • "I'm very happy with the services provided to me. I'm also very happy with the staff and their efforts on my behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend Darrel Rustigian to anyone. I believe he has done an outstanding job for me." - J. Karabian
  • "I think Darrel has been really concerned about our case. I believe the staff is equally concerned. I know that the settlement was reasonable and fair. I couldn't have been more pleased with the treatment I received. I have been very pleased with the results accomplished. - F. Sands
  • "I didn't know what to expect when I had an accident. The staff helped me so much. I was very pleased with the end results when a settlement was reached. I have referred friends and family to Darrel." - L. Vongthichack
  • "I couldn't believe the settlement that Darrel was able to get me. I know that I will use him again in the future. His staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I think they are the greatest." - Michael N.
  • "When my daughter was killed I didn't know where to turn. I asked a friend. He told me about Darrel Rustigian. Not only did my family receive a settlement, but they got the driver of the hit and run vehicle that took my daughter's life. I am very pleased with the services I got." - M.V.
  • "The police report was against me. Because I don't speak English very well, the policeman didn't ask me about the accident. When I explained to Darrel what really happened, he said not to worry because he would help me. He got me a nice settlement and I did not have to go to court." - B. Moua
  • "The other insurance company tried to say that I was partially at fault for causing the accident, but I wasn't. I talked to Mr. Rustigian, and he assured me that he would do everything he could to see that I got fair treatment. The other insurance company ended up settling with me. - Anonymous
  • "My child was bit in the face by a friend's dog. I had no insurace to taker her to a plastic surgeon. Darrel took care of everything for me. I was so scared. The staff made us feel comfortable and Darrel got my child a settlement that will take care of her needs for a very long time." - E. Carlson
  • "I was in a wheelchair when I got hit by a car. My wheelchair was broken. I was broken. Then I went to see Mr. Rustigian. My wheelchair was repaired, I got medical treatment that I needed and a settlement that was fair. God bless him." - P. Johnson
  • "My sister, my nephew, my son and I were involved in a terrible accident. A drunk driver hit us and we all ended up in the hospital. I had a broken leg and it was a horrible time. With the aid from Darrel's office and his help, we were all taken care of." - T. Montgomery